PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad

PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad – Investments are being made by many industrialists in the pharma sector of Ahmedabad and seeing it a lot of pharma professionals are coming ahead to invest in this particular sector. To assist them and other interested parties, many PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad are coming ahead to look after their needs.

Professionals who want to get in association with these companies look for many facilities and products to be offered at an affordable price range. Monopoly-based pharma franchise opportunity is one of them. Recently Pharma Conclave was held in Ahmedabad to address the issues faced by pharma companies and it consisted of the Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad.

We will let you know about the Best Pharma Companies In Ahmedabad that adhere to the various norms laid by WHO, GMP, and other authorities. Free promotional tools, monopoly-based franchise opportunities, and a wide spectrum of offerings are one of the things that are the dominant features of all those pharma companies that we are going to talk about.So without further a do let’s have a look at the top Pharma PCD Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad.

PCD Pharma Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad

List Of The Top 10 PCD Pharma Companies In Ahmedabad

The pharma sector of Ahmedabad expects to lower its dependence on China for APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) as many in-house pharma companies are progressing a lot towards the main aim of serving people. To help you find the right option for yourself, we have compiled a list of the top pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad. Have a look at them.

S. No Company Name
1 Ellanjey Lifesciences
2 Algen Healthcare
3 Doctris Lifesciences
4 Gummies India
5 Unibiotech Formulations
6 Psycogen Captab
7 Jabs Biotech
8 Swisschem Healthcare
9 Medibyte
10 SNU Biocare

Ellanjey Lifesciences

ellanjey purple logoOne of the top brands in the pharmaceutical sector of Ahmedabad is Ellanjey Lifesciences and thus it is included in the list of the top PCD companies in Ahmedabad. Through their exceptional product quality and prompt order fulfillment to specialists, the organization has earned the respect of many pharma owners and clients. Injectable, capsules, tablets, soft gel capsules, dry syrup, syrup, ointments, oral liquid, and external liquids are some of the top-selling ranges that they offer.

  • More than 350+ high-grade original branded medicines to offer.
  • Pharma formulations at the most affordable rates are provided.
  • Fully aimed to improve the quality of human life.
  • Make use of WHO & GMP-certified units for manufacturing.

Algen Healthcare


Another pharmaceutical business in India with that has achieved the quickest growth is Algen Healthcare. It is a PCD pharma franchise firm with ISO certification and offers pharmaceuticals of the highest caliber. The business is supported by competent people who toil every day to provide only the best goods available. Algen Healthcare ensures that the goods are produced in a great location and stored in the right conditions before being shipped to various locations allowing them to rank among the top Pharma Franchise Companies In Ahmedabad.

  • Commitment to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction is there.
  • Fantastic production facility and storage facility.
  • Innovative, curable great pharma products are offered at an affordable range.
  • Has a forward-looking thinking process.

Doctris Lifesciences

On the list of the top PCD Pharmaceutical companies in Ahmedabad is Doctris Lifescience is another addition. They are working under the guidance of professionals with several years of expertise in the pharmaceutical business. Being conceived in the year 2017, they have been successful in establishing a reputable benchmark in the pharma sector. The success of Doctris Lifesciences in the market is a result of their employees’ unwavering commitment.

  • Provides more than 200 pharma items across a number of categories, including injections, pills, syrups, and more.
  • Fruitful business opportunities are offered in the most convenient manner.
  • All pharma products are approved by DCGI & FSSAI.
  • Free promotional help is assured to all linked clients.

Gummies India


Making its name in the list of the best PCD pharma companies in Ahmedabad is Gummies India. They are well known for the wide and affordable range of gummies for kids and children. Chemically stable, uniform in weight and medication content, and defect-free gummies are given by them under the top pharma franchise opportunity in Ahmedabad. Guidelines laid by WHO and GMP are fully adhered to by them. Best-quality raw materials available in the market are utilized to come up with top-notch end results.

Unibiotech Formulations


Unibiotech Formulations, based in Ahmedabad, is a well-known name in the pharmaceutical sector. The firm was founded in 2004 and has over 19 years of expertise in the pharma sector. The firm has serviced over 600 clients and offers over 200+ pharma products in various pharmaceutical categories. The confidence of consumers and clients in Unibiotech Formulations is fully visible and this is why it ranks among the top 10 pharma PCD franchise companies in Ahmedabad.

Psycogen Captab


Psycogen Captab has over 10 years of expertise and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Since its inception, it has generated over 300+ pharma products in several categories. The firm employs over 1,000 people and serves over 80,000 consumers nationally, making it one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Ahmedabad. It has a dedicated research and development department working tirelessly to enhance product quality and, ultimately, the health of the people in the country. The company’s enormous storage facilities make it simpler to preserve the impacts of the business owners on a broad scale while also allowing for the prompt delivery of the items.

Jabs Biotech


Jabs Biotech is another outstanding name on the list of top PCD pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad. The firm was formed in 2012 and is well-known around the country for its diverse variety of healthcare goods and services. Jabs Biotech is making huge achievements in the pharmaceutical market, with over 500 items and 700 colleagues. The organization offers exceptional research and development departments that create, curate, and provide amazing products to both clients and pharma business owners at reasonable prices.

Swisschem Healthcare


Swisschem Healthcare is also one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Ahmedabad, with operations in 22 states and hundreds of associates around the country. They offer a diversified product portfolio with over 10 different product lines. All items are created in accordance with WHO and GMP norms, demonstrating the company’s ethical standards. Swisschem Healthcare has a contemporary production plant that is managed by a skilled workforce. All high-quality healthcare goods are created in this facility. To maintain quality and fulfill deadlines, the organization conducts frequent quality checks making them the top monopoly pharma company in Ahmedabad.



Another prominent name in the country as well as in Ahmedabad is Medibyte. They are a successful division of Dr. Kumars Pharmaceuticals. Bringing high-end drug solutions safe for consumption by all is what sets them apart from the other leading pharma companies in Ahmedabad. The ranges offered work very well to fight various health diseases with ease. Antibiotics, analgesics, antispasmodics, anti-vomiting, digestive, antipyretics, and dermatology are some of thier top selling ranges. Gynecology, Cardiac Diabetic are some of their other well-performing categories.

SNU Biocare


Another mention in the list of the best pharma franchise companies in Ahmedabad is Ellanjey Lifesciences. It is dedicated to helping people do more, feel better, and live longer by providing innovative, high-quality healthcare products and services. Making use of world-class infrastructure and ultra-modern equipment allows them to come up with bulk orders with ease. International standards, as well as local ones, are being fulfilled by us in a regular manner making them the first pick for taking Pharma Franchise In Ahmedabad.


Joining hands with any of the above-mentioned pharma companies in Ahmedabad is quite easy. Just make sure to prepare a list of all the ranges that you want for your franchise business and contact any of the above-broached organizations.

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