Quality Policy

Quality is what matters the most for us and thus we are fully committed to deliver effective and safe products to all the patients and consumers. Thus in order to meet this commitment as well as other ones a proper focused work culture is adopted by us in which all processes are done and carried on in a very strategic and well planned manner. Our Quality Policy is highlighted in the ever-green work done by us round the clock the aids us to deliver a huge range of medicines to all in a very timely manner.

Proper assurance is made with ISO 9001:2015 and the various Rules & Regulation of the Ministry of Health on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Constant improvements are done by us in all aspects of production as well as in other parts to serve the client in the best possible manner. One of them main aims that we work upon is to serve the client in the best possible manner bearing the best quality after taking into consideration factors such as pricing, packing.

The Aim of Ellanjey Lifesciences is

  • to achieve the satisfaction of our Customers in terms of:
    • required quality of our products.
    • Timing of the orders.
    • correct execution of our orders concerning: the conditions of the delivery, speed of the execution of the contract.
  • To improve the level of service provided through constant communication with the Suppliers and providing all information as for our Customer’s requirements;
  • To make the company more flexible as for our Customer’s expectations, avoiding defects and errors.
ellanjey lifesciences - iso certified company

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